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Shaun Wewege – stand-up comic, writer, Iron Man, Comrades Marathon Finisher, ginger and all round nice guy.
The past year has seen Shaun’s demand as both a corporate and club entertainer grow and has also been a time in which he has entrenched himself firmly the alternative stand-up comedy scene in South Africa. Where so many focus on stereotypes and racial epithets, Shaun has shied away from this and developed a witty, often left-of-centre and intelligent brand of comedy.
Testament to this is his inclusion in the Jo’burg Comedy Cartel, a troupe of alternative comedians consisting of Alyn Adams, Vittorio Leonardi and Warren Robertson. They have been active on the comedy circuit, giving razor sharp and riotously funny performances around the country.
Shaun is a hard-working professional act whose approach to comedy is of the “something for everyone” variety. A typical set includes witty one-liners, jibes at newsmakers, bizarre observations and the odd impersonation. He’s done the gala dinners and has also worked the dodgy pubs, ensuring that he is capable of communicating with a diverse range of audiences.
Shaun’s talents have been put to good use, often not just in the world of stand-up comedy:
•    He co-hosts the Comedy Countdown, South Africa’s only dedicated stand-up comedy industry radio talk show.
•    Shaun writes for publications as diverse as Runner’s World and Private Property.
•    The Jo’burg Comedy Cartel had well-received theatre shows in Durban and were also noteworthy additions to the Splashy Fen music festival.
•    He appeared in a comedy segment on the popular television talk-show, Late Night with Kgomotso.
•    In the past he has written speeches for high level UK government officials.
•    He has held editorial positions of various publications.
•    He is frequently sworn at, most so when he instructs his weekly spinning class.
He’s bright, funny, and handles direct sunlight well (for a ginger). He should be on your function checklist.

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