comedy central kicks off local content schedule - with investment by local comics

As anticipated, Comedy Central Africa has settled in nicely, showing great figures earlier than anticipated. Despite criticism over some dated content, the channel has forged ahead with promises to provide platforms for local comedy. And the indications are that they are making good.
The first local content is “Live At Parkers.” This is a simple and cost-effective solution to capture local stand-up, as the channel has negotiated free performances from the artists.

“It’s an investment in our industry,” says John Vlismas, the first comic to host the show, “we are very aware that Comedy Central Africa is here to stay – it’s cheeky of them to assume that we should hand over material for free – but it’s also crazy not to partner with the channel in building a bigger audience, and perhaps introduce ourselves to the growing African market – so I decided to do the first show for free, and give them the rights for a period. Some local acts have shunned tv as they feel it uses up their material – I say that’s crap – if you love doing comedy, why not force yourself to write more? I guess I see myself as a mad professor of comedy, always fiddling and trying out experiments – and pushing things – and this is a great new space – provided that the channel conducts itself in the same spirit – I think we have the start of a very dynamic partnership. Either that, or they misbehave, and we boycott them till they go home and firebomb their vacant offices… I’m kidding, wipe your eyes for god’s sake…”

Comedy Central will be announcing further local comedy projects shortly, some of which will look at addressing the rest of the continent more directly, as well as taking local talent abroad.

Whacked is also happy to announce that Comedy Central is currently negotiating the television rights to Vlismas’ upcoming production .38 Special, which will be taped on April 20 and 21st. For more on the show click here


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