cinecomedy - first show a hit - as promised

Monday 26th saw the very first public show at CineComedy. With a large turn out, and a hot line up, the show was everything we had hoped, and more.
With surprise appearances by David Kau, and Canadian Nick Beaton – the line-up was beefed up to just over two hours, a great size for a newborn.

Killarney came out in force to support the new comedy venue, and it plays fantastically, with the purpose built stage, lights and draping.

Original concerns over the lack of alcohol available in the venue, as punters found their way to one of several bars next door prior to the show to top up, and others realising that perhaps a Tuesday with no headache might be an interesting experiment.

Melt Sieberhagen, Warren Robertson, Mpho Popps, Robbie Collins joined Kau and Beaton with Vlismas running things, and it was a thing of great and terrible beauty.

The next event is scheduled for April 23rd, book your tickets now at For the line-up (subject to change without prior notice) click here


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